Lockdown 2.0: ‘Here we go again…’

But here’s lots of positive news from your local bookshop…

What’s happening?  Are you okay?

We’re doing really well, despite this cheeky little coronavirus thingy.  We want to make sure that you can still get hold of books from your local bookshop all through lockdown, and we can’t wait to share our plans with you (see below).

Are you going to be open during lockdown?

YES!  From the start of lockdown we will be operating a “shop-front service”, with the shop door open for collections and orders every day except Sunday, from 0900 – 1100, and again from 1400 – 1600.  At least one of us will be there to help you with book orders during those times.

Additionally, because we know that these times might not work for everyone, we will happily arrange collection at a pre-agreed time outside of these core hours.

I can’t get to you; will you deliver?

Of course!  We will be delighted to deliver to our local area (for free), and we’ll do so at a time that suits you.  Please do use this facility, as we recognise that some people may not wish to venture into the high street at this time, and we want to help you all be safe.

If you want a book to be sent somewhere else in the UK, then please don’t worry, we can easily arrange for that to be done on your behalf, at cost.  We will also add free gift wrapping (birthday or Christmas) , should that be helpful to you. 

How can I get books from you?

There are many ways to let us know what you’d like:

  1. Go to the order page on our website (https://cotswoldbookroom.co.uk/ordering/).
  2. Push a handwritten note through our front door, or hand it to us when we’re open.
  3. Send us an e-mail (orders@cotswoldbookroom.co.uk).
  4. Give us a call any time!  Our number is 01453 843140.
  5. Send us a social media direct message (DM) via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 
  6. If all else fails, try a carrier pigeon.  

How can I pay for my books?

We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.  If you want the books delivered to you, we also offer cash or mobile card payments when we drop the books off.

Are you doing anything extra during lockdown?

My goodness, yes!  We’ve decided to make Lockdown 2.0 a bit more fun for everyone.  Watch out on Facebook, Twitter and our shop window for details of the fun we’ve planned.

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