When will the shop open?

We are building on the success of the last 70 years of The Cotswold Book Room, and working hard to give the bookshop a full refurbish.  Global lockdown did have a little bit of an impact on our plans and so we’re not quite ready yet, as we’re still busy making sure we can create an inviting place for you all to browse.

What are we offering now?

  • Book ordering
  • Map ordering
  • Stationery ordering

All orders will be available for collection from the shop, or home delivery by special request.

What needs to happen for the shop to open?

  1. Complete the shop refurbishment!
  2. All the new lovely books delivered, unpacked, and on the shelves.
  3. The COVID guidelines eased sufficiently to enable enjoyable browsing.

Thank you for your patience, while we work hard to get Wotton’s bookshop open again.